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Golden State Mold Inspection is pleased to announce the launch of their website to offer faster services and detailed information on the services offered here. Mold is not welcome in any home, office or property. If neglected, it can grow exponentially over time and become a major health hazard. The same mold infestation can damage the property, reduce its value and also add huge cost to the expenses mold remediation. It is very important that a professional visits and inspects the property. Golden State Mold Inspection has trained and qualified inspectors offering a wide range of inspection services. There are many people who don’t know when to look and how to recognize the signs of mold and where to find it. The most common areas are ceiling hogs, in bathrooms, closets and attics, under the sinks and areas exposed to moisture. Customers should look for cracks or holes in the ceiling, walls or floors and observe areas where there is water leakage.

Mold is a common problem in areas that don’t get enough sunlight and ventilation. However, one should take immediate action to prevent future troubles and also prevent damage to the property. If the landowners suspect black mold growing on or off their property, they can immediately engage the services of Golden State Mold Inspection. A qualified and experienced mold inspector will inspect the property for mold infestation, identify the type of mold and associated toxins, determine the source of growth and finally suggest the most effective mold remediation strategies. During the inspection, the inspectors also report areas that will be more susceptible to mold infestation in the future. They also give recommendations on how to fix and prevent mold growth.

Depending on the situation, the inspection can take anywhere from 30 minutes for a partial inspection of a specific area to three hours for a detailed inspection of the entire property. Inspectors use a moisture meter and use their sight and smell to locate signs of moisture penetration. If staff find an intrusion, they dig a little deeper to determine the presence of microbial growth, and if present, a sample is taken and sent to the lab to determine the type of mold and possible toxicity. The fact is mold is everywhere, including the air we breathe. There are hundreds and thousands of these species that can produce toxins on their own level. The idea is to stop mold growth in places where people live or work to prevent serious health complications.

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Golden State Mold Inspection offers affordable mold inspection services in Southern California, including The angel, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Orange County, Riverside, Lawndale, Ventura County and Marina Del Ray. The services offered here are mold inspections on all types of property, pre- and post-appraisals, partial inspections, health hazard information, scope of remediation work, asbestos testing, and testing and sampling services.



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