New Education For All online courses launched in India

To support students in their careers, the online offering provides access to top programs like Pluralsight For Developers and more

Education For All In India (EFA), the comprehensive education portal and resource, has launched online courses that provide access to programs like Pluralsight For Developers that allow students to further their professional interests.

Education For All In India was established with the intention of providing essential information on various aspects of schooling in the country. It was established by Prof. Arun C. Mehta who has been affiliated with NIEPA, Delhi and has over four decades of experience in the field. The resource is driven by the goal of achieving universal schooling in terms of access, participation, retention and quality of education.

And that is something that the Skillshare and Masterclass online courses offered by EFA India are striving for in these difficult times. While online courses were already gaining popularity, they have taken on new meaning in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. As schools and colleges also transition to online learning, many students have time to continue their education and work towards their career goals.

EFA India Recommended Skillshare and Masterclass Online Courses offer students a wide range of benefits. There is a wide range of programs for students to choose based on their specific interests and goals. It is interesting to note that alongside the course material, online programs help students build several types of skills including self-motivation and time management. They are in high demand from employers as they begin their careers.

While studying on campus or in an institute facilitates peer learning, it has its limitations. However, this is not the case with the EFA India Featured Skillshare and Masterclass online courses. From the opportunity to learn from experts from around the world to interacting and collaborating with the international cohorts; They are the perfect platform to gain global experience.

Real-time learning, developing their all-around personality, building critical thinking skills, and gaining technical insight into specific areas are just a few of the benefits students can get from online courses. For example, if you want to distinguish yourself in the dynamic world of software development, you can opt for Pluralsight for developersone of the most popular programs in the world.

With software and technology evolving rapidly, the state-of-the-art course helps students keep up with the latest developments in the field. The high-level course offers students the flexibility to tailor their learning to their interests. Integrating software development learning into an engaging and interactive environment is an excellent choice to take their skills to the next level.

Education For All In India is at the forefront when it comes to student information and access. And now it gives them a distinct advantage with its online courses to improve their career prospects.

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Education For All In India was developed and is maintained by Prof. Arun C. Mehta, an academic with over four decades of experience. This comprehensive resource offers valuable information on various aspects of schooling in India.


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