Toolboxes What You Need To Know

A toolbox, also known as a tool kit is a container that is used to carry tools. It can be a small, portable box or a large storage unit that is on wheels. It can hold a variety of tools of all sizes and shapes.

A toolbox made of ute is an excellent option for anyone who wants extra storage space. The boxes can accommodate up to a maximum of 45kg. These boxes are built to stand up to the harsh Australian conditions.

Toolboxes for under trays

Toolboxes Brisbane that are under tray are perfect for storing tools and other equipment on the job. They are easy to remove and lockable, as well as durable enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. They are also easy to maintain and clean since they can be cleaned with a damp cloth. They come with an integrated padlock eye, making them perfect for use off-road.

Extra storage space in your ute is essential for any 4WD enthusiast or hard-working tradesman. Under-tray tool boxes for utes can be put underneath your tray for your ute. They will keep your tools as well as recovery gear, tie-down straps and other gear safe and easily accessible.

They are designed to fit many different utes and are made of premium aluminium with a powder coated finish. They have an open lip for return and are resistant to corrosion. They are suitable for tradies, 4WD enthusiasts, and weekend campers. They are also available in a range of sizes to meet your requirements.

Chest toolboxes

You should secure and keep all your tools in one place, whether you’re a professional tradesman, DIY enthusiast or outdoor enthusiast. A toolbox in a ute chest can provide the storage solution you need to keep your equipment safe from theft, weather and damage. It’s perfect for fishing, camping, and other recreational activities.

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Chest toolboxes are designed and built to withstand harsh Australian conditions. They feature lids that fit flush and is held in place by gas struts. They also come with stainless steel hinges. They’re water and dust resistant and come with locks for increased security. These drawers also come with high-quality full-extension drawer slides along with an angular frame to ensure maximum rigidity. They can be used for various tools and equipment including aerosol cans.

Steel ute toolboxes

Steel ute tool boxes are the perfect solution for tradesmen who need additional storage space for their tools. These truck and ute toolboxes are constructed of powder coated steel and have a silver texture. They come with gas springs of high-quality to make opening them effortless. They also come with locks and keys made of stainless steel to ensure the highest level of security. Rubber seals are also included to keep dust and moisture out.

Steel is a very strong metal, which makes it perfect for applications that require extreme durability. Steel ute toolboxes are utilized by the mining industry in South East Queensland because their vehicles are loaded with heavy equipment that can cause damage to metals that are less dense.

The MRT Explorer tray package includes an underbody steel toolbox. It also includes a high-quality flatbed ute, a sturdy 2-door aluminum ute canopy, LED taillights, an holder for jerry cans and a safe spare wheel carrier. The entire package comes with full installation and fitting by the team at MRT in Jindalee.

Aluminium tray made of ute

If you are a tradesperson or simply wish to add more storage space to your vehicle, an aluminium ute tray can help you. These trays are more durable and lighter than steel ute tray and can be equipped lockable toolboxes to keep them safe. They are also resistant to rust, making them ideal for use in harsh environments.

These tray are also more flexible than factory-installed tubs, as they can be outfitted with additional accessories such as ladder racks double side rails that can be removed or raised as well as slide-out drawers and canopies. They also come with more options in design, like custom finishes and colours. You can also get a modular tray which allows you to mix-and-match accessories based on your needs. These trays can help improve the value of your utility vehicle and improve its overall performance. Visit Norweld Brisbane at Forestdale, in the heart 4X4 Industrial Estate Brisbane.

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