Two- and three-game shootout schedules for summer tournaments announced by the Chicago Youth Basketball Network

The Chicago Youth Basketball Network has announced the schedule for two- and three-game shootouts in preparation for exciting summer basketball events. The games take place on weekends

The Chicago Youth Basketball Network (CYBN) has announced the schedule for upcoming exciting games Basketball tournaments in summer. The summer tournaments will feature 2-game and 3-game shootout matches. According to the schedule shared by CYBN on the official website, the summer tournaments will feature many fan favorites including the Prairie State Classic and Memorial Day Madness.

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The main sights during the summer tournaments These include Windy City Slamfest, Chi-Town Classic, Memorial Day Madness, Roundball Rumble, Prairie State Classic, Summer Slamfest, Summer Showdown, July Hoopfest, Summer Heat Check, Dawg Days Classic and Summer Championships. Each of the tournaments will feature 2-game and 3-game shootout matches, and the entry fees for each tournament are very reasonable in classic CYBN style.

A brief overview of the schedule is as follows:

Windy City Slamfest on Saturday 05/14/22 and Sunday 05/15/22.

Chi-Town Classic on Saturday 05/21/22 and Sunday 05/22/22.

Memorial Day Madness on Saturday 05/28/22 and Sunday 05/29/22.

Roundball Rumble on Saturday 06/11/22 and Sunday 05/12/22.

Prairie State Classic on Saturday 6/18/22.

Summer Slamfest on Saturday 06/25/22 and Sunday 06/26/22.

Summer Showdown on Saturday 07/02/22 and Sunday 07/03/22.

July Hoopfest on Saturday 09.07.22 and Sunday 10.07.22.

Summer Heat Check on Saturday 07/16/22 and Sunday 07/17/22.

Dawg Days Classic on Saturday 23/07/22 and Sunday 24/07/22.

And CYBN Summer Championships on Saturday 7/30/22 and Sunday 7/31/22.

All games are scheduled to take place in the Chicago suburbs. Registration fees for the Windy City Slamfest, Chi-Town Classic, and Memorial Day Madness tournaments are $145 for 2-game shootout matches and $185 for 3-game shootout matches. Registration fees for all other summer tournaments announced to date are $125 for 2-game Shootout matches and $165 for 3-game Shootout matches.

“CYBN’s primary goal is the development of teams, particularly athletes. We will do everything we can to ensure that teams compete in one of our many top leagues across Chicagoland,” said the spokesperson for the Chicago Youth Basketball Network; when asked about the motivation behind the summer tournaments.

He further described the goals of the tournament saying “We designed our program for players and athletes who love a challenge. CYBN is much more than just a tournament organizer; we teach basic life skills. We encourage all of our athletes to do their best on and off the court by mentoring and guiding them. Based on their goals and objectives, we want to offer opportunities. CYBN gives young basketball players the best opportunities to play and improve their skills at the best possible prices. ”

Readers can view the full summer tournament schedule on the Chicago Youth Basketball Network official website by visiting:

Teams looking to register for the tournaments can also register for available slots directly through the website.

About Chicago Youth Basketball Network

The Chicago Youth Basketball Network (CYBN) is one of the most prominent and active in Chicago youth basketball organizations. They currently serve over 5000 teams and the number of registrations is growing every year. The organization helps many schools and other organizations save up to $250,000 annually. However, the increase in the number of teams signing up and those willing to sign up will have a positive impact on the sport. Although the Chicago Youth Basketball Network is not a tournament broker and does not invest capital in any basketball team, it offers school districts and municipalities the opportunity to rent courts at a discounted rate. The CYBN and its growing network of partners own several gyms in Chicago. The charges are 25% of what they are normally with the same facilities. That means organizations save money and keep gyms filled; a win for everyone.



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