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The US company, which has always been a leading name in the field, has provided valuable insight into how electronic shelf labels work and the broader impact they can have on the retail industry.

A study by Markets and Markets found that these tags are expected to grow to $1,425 million by 2023. But what are they and how do they work to provide an advantage for today’s retail businesses? Simple, this one digital tags You have the ability to automatically update thousands of displays simultaneously across multiple channels. With the help of electronic paper or liquid crystal paper, they can display information on screens.

Electronic shelf labels

With just a few clicks on a remote server, all price tags and other advertisements can be updated at once. It saves stores the hassle of regularly changing displays manually. Not just prices, with the help of these tags, stores can also update promotional strategies and other information instantly while saving themselves from tedious and tedious tasks that can be a huge waste of manpower.

Retailers around the world are switching to ESL to take advantage of it and make things easier for themselves. Features and benefits of electronic shelf labels include:

  • Your ability to display all the information that retail stores want. They are versatile and can be much more than price tags. You can be the guide for customers in the store.

  • Now retail stores have the ability to change product prices in real-time. So when price fluctuations occur, trades can act quickly and remain profitable.

  • Studies have shown that they can actually be a cost-effective option. That’s because paper labels require ink, printing costs, not to mention labor hours.

  • They also allow store staff and employees to keep track of inventory. The insights when products are running low can ensure shorter lead times and lower costs.

This Electronic shelf labels are designed to provide customers with an omnichannel experience. Stores can engage in dialogue with their consumers, letting them know when stocks are running low or revealing competitor prices for the same product. Items can be ordered via QR codes and customers can also read product reviews from other consumers. This makes them versatile and also extremely easy to use.

As a matter of fact, Electronic shelf labels have a battery life of 5/7 years, which facilitates heavy use of LEDs. Their customizable design and faster update speeds are just some of the features that make them perfect for retail stores around the world.

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This US company was founded by a team of engineers with a mission to bring cutting-edge technology to retail. Through research and development, it has taken advantage of the latest technologies to fulfill its mission over the years, always offering its customers the best solutions for their specific needs.


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