How to Hire a Title IX Lawyer

If you are facing a Title IX inquiry at your college or university, you must take immediate action to protect yourself. Universities are required to take action against sexual assault and harassing, and prevent it from happening. Sadly, this doesn’t always happen. As a result, many schools have faced investigations by the Department of Education for failing to properly investigate sexual assault and other complaints of gender-based discrimination. Often, students are subject to punishment that is out of proportion with the nature of the offense and have their entire future at risk.

Title IX Lawyer Dekalb have extensive knowledge of Title IX laws and can assist you in the disciplinary process. Our clients often win significant tuition refunds, monetary compensation, dismissal or denial for a student who perpetrated the offense, and policy change at their colleges and Universities. We can handle Title IX cases in any school that receives federal funds, including public and private universities, as well as fraternities, sororities, and other social organizations.

You should immediately contact an attorney if you have been accused of a sexual harassment offense. You will be protected during the disciplinary procedure. This will also increase the chance that your case can resolve without a formal hearing or expulsion. Next, you will need to gather any evidence that supports the facts of your case. This may include text messages, voice messages, and other documentation. Also, avoid discussing this case with anyone else, as any statement, even if innocent, could be used in an investigation.

She will prepare your defense as soon as she is notified about the complaint. She will also speak with your school’s Title IX coordinator to determine whether interim measures are required. This may include a no-contact order that prohibits communication between the respondent and complainant, or other measures like changing campus housing arrangements and class schedules. Your attorney will assist you in preparing for your intake meeting, also known as the initial interview.

Our firm has helped defend hundreds of students against allegations of sexual harassment and assault. We have seen how schools bend rules to convict students who are innocent and we are committed to fighting these injustices. We have successfully represented students accused of sexual harassment, stalking and dating violence. Rape and other allegations of sexual misconduct were also successfully defended. We have won reversals on expulsions as well as shortened suspensions and reduced sanctions.

Successfully argued that the medical school improperly disqualified a dental student for failing to meet clinical and academic requirements, resulting in the student’s reinstatement and an award of substantial pre-litigation damages.

Obtained reversals of a sexual assault case against a law student, obtaining a favorable finding and reduced sanction.

Joseph Lento’s career is built on defending Title IX students accused of sexual misconduct. He knows schools are willing bend the rules and impose punishments that are out-of-proportion to the nature or the offense. He is determined that these abuses stop and he will fight for every student’s rights whose future and reputation are at stake.

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