Jody Greig Magician launches sparkling new website for Edinburgh Magician

Top Comedy Magician in Edinburgh will be rebranded to but will remain branded with excellence

Jody Greig Magician, widely regarded as Edinburgh’s leading magician, has launched his new website, on-brand with his scintillating performances that have shaped the lives of many parties across Scotland.

Jody Greig Magician has built a career of magic and technology. As a former software engineer and computer science teacher, he has integrated these elements into his performances in many ways. So it was no surprise that he created the new website himself. It is also interesting to note that he is the first entertainer in the UK to start accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments.

But at the heart of the success story of this renowned Wizards in Edinburgh is that he puts his heart into each of his performances. Spiced with the perfect dose of comedy, his performances have raised the bar for magic shows at various types of events. Well-prepared with material for specific occasions, an ability to know the pulse of the audience and impeccable magical skills have made his performances a hit with clients.

Jody Greig magician

Their rave customer reviews are a testament to the sensational shows he has consistently delivered across the country. Those looking for Comedy Magician Hire Edinburgh for their parties can rest assured that Jody Greig’s entertainment will deliver comedy routines that are fast-paced, interactive and extremely fun. In fact, the event can be customized according to the needs of customers.

That’s because Jody Greig makes the effort to understand what they want right from the start. He then recommends the most appropriate entertainment style for the party or event. From close-up to walk-around, mix ‘n’ mingle, salon or stage; He has many tricks up his sleeve and they have all proven equally effective. And that’s why he’s become the most sought-after magician in Edinburgh.

As a close-up magician, he can perform magic right in front of the audience. If he has to work at the tables, the performance will be adjusted to ensure that the table and audience layout is taken into account. Jody Greig Magician is about creating interactive and unique performances that make viewers feel like they’re sitting in the VIP row of a show they’ll remember for a long time.

From comedy card routines to money tricks and mind reading; Jody Greig Magician is known for creating those spectacular visual moments that will wow audiences at any event. That’s why his interactive comedy magic is a hit at all types of events, including weddings and corporate gigs. interested persons Hire comedy magicians all of Scotland can now reach out to the new website created by the Maestro himself and let the magic begin.

About Jody Greig Magician

Jody Greig Magician is the award winning comedy magician who will be performing across Scotland. Jody lives in Edinburgh and has made a name for himself with his fun and exciting performances which have been the highlight of many parties and events across Scotland.


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Jody Greig magician


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