Patricia Delzell MD explains the benefits of light therapy for musculoskeletal pain

Patricia Delzell, MD, Founder of Advanced Musculoskeletal Medicine Consultants, Inc., recently published an in-depth review of the benefits of light therapy for treating musculoskeletal pain.

dr Delzell specializes in integrative treatments for chronic musculoskeletal pain. She is a strong proponent of using light therapy along with traditional medicine. In recent years, light therapy has been used to treat conditions ranging from mild skin conditions to chronic pain, and even to promote faster healing after surgery or sports injuries. If you choose to have light therapy, the spectrum and color of the light used during treatment will determine its wavelength and therefore its ability to penetrate body tissues.

Light therapy works by reaching the part of the cell called the mitochondria. Once the mitochondria absorb the light, they use that energy to create more healing energy. The light facilitates the production of nitrous oxide, an important chemical promoting blood flow and healing mediators in human cellular tissue. Light therapy uses the two significant effects of energy flow to promote healing in the tight tissues and help cells repair themselves.

Patricia Delzell, MD – Advanced Musculoskeletal Medicine Consultants, Inc.

Light therapy can be administered in a number of ways. It may include light pads, lamps, or saunas for an overall body healing procedure. In medicine, blue light with a shorter wavelength is used to treat superficial and skin-related problems because it cannot penetrate deep into the body. The red light is used to treat cellular abrasions that go deeper than the skin and the infrared or IR light is used to treat deep soft tissue damage or injury. The red or infrared light spectrum is more beneficial for chronic pain sufferers where deeper penetration is required. For deeper tissue treatments, focused infrared light lasers are administered in the presence of a doctor or nurse.

Light therapy has been shown to be beneficial in relieving pain in many chronic conditions. Arthritis sufferers and professional players can also benefit from light therapy as it helps reduce muscle tension and soreness.

“I envision a collaborative care model for the patients referred to me to guide and maintain a state of inner balance that moves away from pain, disease and infirmity and focuses on well-being of mind, body and spirit .” dr Patricia Delzell.

She added: “Light therapy can do a lot of good while being extremely inexpensive. Most patients report feeling better after just a few sessions. Over time, light treatment can help many people stop taking pain medication. Because it is all light, unlike painkillers, there are no side effects associated with using light to treat pain. Therapy can be done in many ways via blankets, lamps, light pads, lasers and saunas. The infrared to red light spectrum is beneficial for most patients.

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